Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Myspace Magazine? Great idea?

Today i will link an article of pete cashmore /

"MySpace is in discussions to launch a magazine, according to a brief article in AdAge.

The ink-on-paper publication would feature interesting MySpace members, as well as features on music and social life. MySpace are looking for partners - but if it goes ahead, they're likely to team up with Nylon, the music and fashion magazine that worked with MySpace on its annual music edition in May.

They haven't committed to the venture yet, and hopefully they'll realize fairly quickly that this is a terrible idea. For one thing, MySpace is international, while magazines have distribution costs (I assume it would be US only). What's more, a real-world magazine could never be as diverse as the web - it would be too general and populist. And besides, why would you want to read an edited version of MySpace when you can just load up your browser and access the content that you find interesting? Bebo TV almost makes sense, but a MySpace Magazine defies logic.

I wonder whether Google's MySpace search deal covers magazine ads?"

by Pete Cashmore of mashable.com


I think it's the first time i don't agree with a "myspace idea" !
From my side this idea to make a Magazine is totally not relevant to myspace.

(More than Google Pete, i think this idea comes from Newscorp!)

Let me explain my point of view. Myspace has solve a big issue on the music market : the lack of diversity!

How myspace magazine should be so different of Rocksound for example? If think it will not, because it's not web 2.0! But it might be if it's based on the content popularity on Myspace. But if it's popular on myspace the user can get it on myspace and maybe already know the info. The solution could be to edit just one magazine per year during summer when people can't access to the web in hollydays as it's difficult to leave myspace for few weeks when you're addicted... I don't know...

(Oh excuse me, exept if they make a 105 millions pages magazine with 250 000 new pages per day! Not a good business idea! :) The first 2.0 magazine lol)

Even worst i think it could impact negatively the Web platform cause it will reduce this image of diversity that all users create and love so much!

As a french user, i'm not happy of the myspace launch on the FR Market!
This because french Myspace members are pretty cool already and early users...
The myspace french top artists is very different of the french charts, the first bands are : Justice, Nouvelle vague, Uffie, TTC...

Do you know those artists? Obviously no...
But i love those artists! It's diversity! For me it generate value!

All the US 16-25 are members of Myspace already... So the major started to promote their artists like Britney Spears on this page. The Myspace US top artists is not that elitist anymore, the myspace music home page is loosing diversity and is more and more closer to a Yahoo! Music home page... More and more like the charts...

But the myspace music home page is not so important cause you browse music by the network, discovering the music of your friends on their page. You're free in your diversity, in your interests...

It will be hard with a Magazine!

Another points, one hudge key factor of success for myspace is the customization!
How to customize a magazine? Difficult...

One another great factor of success is the rich media experience. How can you get a rich media experience on a magazine?
I really don't like this idea :)

But it's good idea to recruit and to gain artists loyalty. Because if they can be promoted in the magazine due to there network success... It should be good... But look at the myspace records quality... The music wich is on is quite bad!

And you? what are thinking about that?

Gregory Talon

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm back to Yahoo!

After my Internship and two weeks of hollydays in the south of France, i'm back to Yahoo! (as employee this time) until my Master degree year start at HEC.
New articles will come soon...

Monday, August 21, 2006

Search Engine Strategies - Eric Schmidt interview

Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Watch, speaks with Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Note to one guy in the audience is suggesting a big idea, look the face expression of Google CEO, Eric Schmidt when he heard that idea... This video is pretty interesting.