Monday, June 05, 2006

The freshman CEO

Find out how college student Sean Belnick, 19, started his multimillion- dollar business. Watch the video :

Cadhillac club - Newport Jazz Festival

Hi there,

Let's share some of music culture. Since five years i perform on my drum, i've discovered several jazz artists with incredible technic and velocity. Most of them are drummer, guitarists and bassists and they're some of the best instrumental players in the world.

So here they are Dennis chambers (drum), mike stern (guitar) bob berg (saxo) and linlcones goynes (bass) performing at the newport jazz festival! Dennis chambers is certainly the best drummer of ever playing all kinds of music like Funk (with the great Georges Clinton), Latino Pop (with santana), jazz / rock (with birelli lagrene). I agree that this kind of music is sometime reserved to people who are musicians but this video isn't the worst, no that much difficult to appreciate...

I used the Yahoo! Video to upload this video. That's better than You tube!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


We all know that Wanadoo, Ma ligne TV and Orange are now One unique brand :

It means one brand for Internet, TV and Mobile activities.

Obviously for my point of view it's caused by the growth of the mobile devices versus the pc growth. Basically in 2010 there will be almost 2 billions Mobile phones in world and 900 millions PC... So, for the long terms, it seems relevant to re-brand all activities to the mobile current brand : Orange.

But for the short term i think it's quite dangerous. The image of orange is pretty oriented on Mobile and we can't preduce that it will be quite bizarre for Wanadoo portal users at the beginning... And one additive things, why did they spent so much money to launch Wanadoo brand to rebrand it now ?

I'm quite happy cause the new portal is quite bad! Very difficult to read... To much content on the Home page... No big focus...No priotities...
It sounds good for Yahoo! ;)

The Online EU campaign is so borring... so i prefer to show you the little movie instead (wich is no so good too) :

My FUB (French Unsigned Band) of the week 1

Hi all,

In the past i used to develop an unsigned artists community around my video association : coup de poing prod. The French EMO group i'm going to present you was one of the first band to join. My contact was the their ex-drummer and he has left the group now.

Here they are : Thirty six side

You can listen their music in good quality on Myspace obviously :

More info about the band and their new album :