Sunday, June 15, 2008

HEC Graduation ceremony

We did it! I'm now graduated from the 1st ranked european business school (HEC Paris) and french top engineer school (ex-ENST, Telecom Paris now ParisTech). We had the opportunity to do a Digital Business Strategy master degree program directed by Julien Levy (The Mercator) & Marc Bourrot.

Note that I've sleep two hours the previous night, fixing potential legal problems at Yahoo! with the US until 4 am...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Stay focus on what I want to be

I've spent the last years fighting for having the opportunity to do what I love in life, the system was not helping me to, I had to do it by my own... Because I did quite well, I've been honoured to finalise my studies at HEC. I was finally tasting kind of a safe path.

This year in London has been intense.

My intuitions drove me off this new safe road.

I had strong believes:
. Being able to manage things serving my aspirations and things meeting my obligations simultaneously, equally and perfectly in my work life.
. Having found the right woman since 4 years, a no contextual love.

Lot of things have changed, lifestyle, country, language, entourage, pretty much everything actually...

And sometimes life hurts you in the head with a bludgeon...
I spent some times asking myself, what I was going to do.
What is sure is that I value and love what I'm doing and what I try to become on both personal and professional side.

At the dawn of new big choices, I know what I want to become. I'm lucky.
It's the time to rationalise influences, prides, dogma, fears, side expectations... to focus on important things that could face imminent death risk. By this I mean, remembering that I'm going to die, as everyone will, helps me to avoid considering contextual and less important things when I have to make important choices.

Even if I don't have all the answers yet...