Saturday, October 09, 2010

Criterias to review a job opportunity

Entrepreneurs review business opportunities, VCs review investment opportunities and talents review job opportunities. Let's focus on the last one as we're all often concerned by it.

I've identified 4 factors in order to drive a job acceptance decision.
They're for sure relevant to me, as probably to any passionate individual trying to do great things.

1. Opportunity Impact :
Is the company on the right strategic opportunity?
Is customers satisfaction good enough to enable growth?
Does the company have enough cash to run?
Does your role give you the opportunity to make / activate a difference.

2. Passion
Do you have passion for what's the company is trying to deliver?
Are you a natural customer of it or of its ideal execution?
Will you feel proud of its brand?

3. People
Will you find the right emulation within the company?
Do you have a strong desire to actually work with 75% of the people you met during the interviews? Is there a clear learning opportunity?

4. Money :
Does the offer meet your financial requirements to achieve your personal plans?

Accept the offer the job if you can reply positively to all those points, meaning that they are satisfied already, can be turned as satisfying by you or your boss (his focus day to day focus should be clear to you).

Hope this will help you as it helped me,