Sunday, May 21, 2006

When all the Web thinks to make Web 2.0

It's crazy how the Web 2.0 concept is used to qualify Web 1.5 platforms now. I can't even support anymore the word Web 2.0! Even sometime, i find ridiculous to use this term to qualify our Business Plan So ME, cause of the way it's use now on the Internet!
Stop! Just push a user's choice is not so Web 2.0! 6 months ago this term was used with some sense but now... pretend to be 2.0 is just a Marketing message!

61 % of french people think...

61 % of french people think that there is no difference anymore between the right and the Left!
Survey realised on a 1007 citizens panel.

New Yahoo! Home Page : Codename Spirit

Hi there,

So the long-anticipated Spirit project is live on the web now!

Yep, the new Yahoo home page is available for public viewing
More content and lotsa links to aspplications like mail, messenger's contacts, weather...
Funny thing is, bright and spiffy as it looks, and as much as the usability is 200% better.

There's plenty of Ajax magic to make the Yahoo homepage more interactive and Yahoo has made a big effort to make the user the primary focus of the new homepage. It reflects Yahoo!'s unique position at the intersection of people, media, and knowledge. It presents better access to information and the stuff of our lives, and more individual choice about the appearance of the page, thanks to Ajax, DHTML, and personalization technology.

The search module is more simple to use!

The Pulse module is reflecting what people does :
- What they search
- What they watch and listen
- What they buy

Yahoo! Home page didn't look old fashioned anymore.
But there's lot of things to redesign yet, specially in France as News Property for example!

To see spirit accross the world :

Us :
FR :
UK :
DE :
IT :
ES :