Friday, February 23, 2007

Myspace VS WAT Episode 5

Last month i was thinking that myspace could reach 2M UV in January and it seems that it was not so realistic as it "only" gain + 191 000 UV vs December. Skyblog growth is continuous (i don't understand really that point but it demonstrates that the life cycle is not 2-3 trendy years)

Yahoo! 360's vertiginous fall (- 50% in 2 months) has ended, it regains 91 000 UV (+ 40%)... WAT's growth is slowing down with + 113 000 UV as the marketing budget for january should have been reduced versus december... This site is not engaging its users, retention is very low for that kind of site and was yet lower in january than in december. It's not social it's just yet another Yahoo! music property...
One fondator of contacted me to present me his site, so i've integrated it to this analysis cause the related datas are back in NNR.

Audience (January UV):

. Myspace FR: 1, 691 Millions of UV (+191 000 UV MoM only)
(Beta officially launched in the middle of August 06)

. Yahoo! 360: 210 000 UV (+91 000 UV MoM)
(officially launched in the middle of February 06 with no marketing budget
but integration on low Yahoo! portal)

. WAT: 713 000 UV (+ 113 000 UV only MoM)
(officially launched in the middle of June 06 with huge marketing
> SEM, Banners campaigns...)

. Skyblog: 5 186 000 UV (+ 265 000 UV only MoM)

. Amiz: 132 000 UV

Retention (December pages by user):

. Myspace FR: 70 (+19 MoM!!!)

. Yahoo! 360: 15 (no data last month)

. WAT: 5 ( -6 MoM)

. Skyblog: 164 (+16 MoM)

. Amiz: N/A

Next Episode on March the 14th

Previous Episodes:
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Friday, February 16, 2007

Myspace Music Store live / Snocap integration

All members just received the announce. Myspace music store is live.
Snocap has been integrated on Myspace music artists profiles.
The first artist push in the newsletter is Snoop Dog.
Here to view is profile

The integration is quite good but not perfect marketed, it's quite unpersonal in the wording "buy this artist's music", "buy my music" is basically better...
The cost of an MP3 is 0.83$!!!

Itunes Store...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's time to build sense

Friday Carl Hallard (Currently working in the Marketing team of Paypal) and i, decided to turn one idea to reality. We had this idea 1 year ago when we were building SoME Business plan.

It will take time, we'll need talents to build sense together. First, we would like to meet technical talents working with passion. (Ruby on Rails addicted could be cool).

We think it's all about love, if we have passion, we'll make good job. We don't care about your location, your age or your education.

To meet us and share about it: Contact me

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Myspace's growth is 30% per quarter

Rupert Murdoch interview :

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Will Ebay make the deal? (With Myspace)

Myspace is currently discussing with Ebay, if you've read this article you won't be surprised.
Maybe this will be crucial for Ebay. Maybe it's simply : "make it or loose the e-commerce market". Sometimes i think it's just like Yahoo! and Google few years ago. Yahoo! didn't make it and you know the results...

I'm pretty sure that Myspace is a great opportunity for Ebay to growth now. Ebay network will be pretty hard to socialize... Myspace users are waiting to buy and to sell...
It's easier to make transactionnal links based on social experience than social links on commerce experience...

If they don't make it, another will. One survey of December says that myspace users are likely to sell and buy products through their social network, it's a more trusty network than Ebay one.

If Ebay provide his CtoC payment solution it could be the KO for Google Checkout...

Myspace deal on e-commerce seems to be the deal of the year. Myspace shouldn't wait too long, users are waiting, specially to buy music...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Google may loose Gmail Brand in Europe

After Deutchland, Google is about to loose the Gmail Brand in all European region cause of Daniel Giersch a entrepreneur and HIS (lol) brand Gmail. In DE and UK Google is already using and not anymore...
Duplicated brand > Not indexed anymore :)