Monday, April 16, 2007

Digital News #1

BestofMedia acquired Tom's hardware :
My fellow student Emmanuel de Chezelles (fondator of & Game product director at BestofMedia group), announced the acquisition of Tom's hardware by BestofMedia group, becoming the first french online media group with 19 Millions of UVs. This is also the occasion for me to congratulate Emmanuel for all his work and success.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ruby on Rails VS PHP

I guess net entrepreneurs have some hesitations on choosing RoR or PHP for their new product.
I think an understandable post (for entrepreneurs) revealing advantages and weakness of each programming language with a direct comparison approach could help us in this choice.

As I’m not CTO, I’ll request developers to give their opinion and to bring value to this post. I don't think i can't make it in one shot. So i'll edit it each time i understand one additive thing on this subject.

I had several discussions with great young French developers such as Matthieu Aubry or Jérémie Bordier, Matthieu who build (a Google analytics competitor) is basically more PHP addict, Jérémie is more pro Ruby...

What i understand by now is that Ruby is fully object oriented when PHP allow procedural & object approach. What’s make Ruby famous is his framework: Rails. You have to know that since rails exist, there were some frameworks developed for PHP also as PEAR.

Ruby's arguments:
. Easy to read & understandable
. Volume of lines reduced
. Easy and cheaper to make and maintain web apps' evolutions
. Faster to develop
. Geek Buzz for your project & trendy developers

PHP's arguments:
. Free to use and to install (Ruby is free too but Hosting companies don't install it for free yet)
. Still Faster in production
. Lot of experience around it (Allmost everything has been coded already)
. The biggest developers community (Think HR)

Ruby 1.9 with the new YARV interpretor will maybe solve the speed issue of Ruby in production. One example of bad optimisation of RoR on Twitter that drive costs in production :
Not easy to see this as a lesson cause we don't know if everything is well optimised here...
Franck Perrier reports me a great productivity gain on Eyeka using RoR.

Entrepreneurs have to manage human, business & technical aspects... This choice could impact both... But we have to insist on the fact that, whatever you choose, the success is mainly due to who is going to make it. I'm not really able to choose at this stage, some of you could help us! Feel free to contact me to give your opinion and let's share about it.
talongregory (at)

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