Sunday, May 21, 2006

When all the Web thinks to make Web 2.0

It's crazy how the Web 2.0 concept is used to qualify Web 1.5 platforms now. I can't even support anymore the word Web 2.0! Even sometime, i find ridiculous to use this term to qualify our Business Plan So ME, cause of the way it's use now on the Internet!
Stop! Just push a user's choice is not so Web 2.0! 6 months ago this term was used with some sense but now... pretend to be 2.0 is just a Marketing message!

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Carl said...

For sure dude !
i'm afraidn by using this term everywhere, people are kind of "going away" from it.
The term might not be the good one,
it may not have a perfect definition.
But i'm pretty sure the purpose of it is more for people to understand a next step has come on the net, and to make them think about, give a definition of it.