Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back from Japan

All good things have an end. My travel to Japan with my fellow HEC students is over.

is a great country. Now i understand why Japan is the 2nd world power : They have a business (industrial) god!!! Regarding the japaneses, there is not so much individuality (it seems) in their attitude but they are very fashion. They use cellphones intensively like no others. If I had to define the country I would have selected those following words : Sushi, Video Games, Anime, Mobile & Karaoke. I visited Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo...

As the differences with US & EU are very strong, now I understand why Google, Ebay... have so much difficulties in Asia... Battle between Asian and US actors will be hard in the next coming years...

Now I'm back and it was the occasion for me to deliver my first conference at IIM on friday morning. This to share with 60 students on Internet industry, on their ambition / passion for Internet, Animation and video games industries... I found it very pleasant to try to transmit some messages that were key factors for myself, to interested students. Thanks for their attention.

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Franck said...

Gregory, tell us more! Can you expand a little bit on differences between western and eastern worlds? I have never been to Japan and would very much like to understand how their culture impact the technology businesses.