Friday, May 21, 2010

Spotify free offer. It's "over"

Awaited. logic.

Probably under investors preasure, Spotify needs to demonstrate that they can convert prospects into paying customers. Today they restricted their free offer to 20 hours streaming per month which seems like a trial only option.

Advertising supported music is dead
Advertising supported music is well dead as predicted by all experts. With the imminent launch of a streaming version of iTunes, things are getting more and more serious.

Will the Unlimited offer be successful?
If the Premium offer is fairly convincing for iPhone and android users, I have huge doubts about the unlimited offer forcing free users to pay 5 pounds per month to continue what they were doing before (now with an ad free experience). We'll see, after all, 5 pounds is what I dreamed the pricing to be before I got my iPhone and went for the Premium offer.

Let's see what comes out of this :)

Btw today there is yet another big band giving out their full album streaming for free on Myspace.

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