Monday, June 05, 2006

Cadhillac club - Newport Jazz Festival

Hi there,

Let's share some of music culture. Since five years i perform on my drum, i've discovered several jazz artists with incredible technic and velocity. Most of them are drummer, guitarists and bassists and they're some of the best instrumental players in the world.

So here they are Dennis chambers (drum), mike stern (guitar) bob berg (saxo) and linlcones goynes (bass) performing at the newport jazz festival! Dennis chambers is certainly the best drummer of ever playing all kinds of music like Funk (with the great Georges Clinton), Latino Pop (with santana), jazz / rock (with birelli lagrene). I agree that this kind of music is sometime reserved to people who are musicians but this video isn't the worst, no that much difficult to appreciate...

I used the Yahoo! Video to upload this video. That's better than You tube!


vincent said...

Pas très objectif ton comment sur Youtube ;)

Gregory Talon said...

Test it!