Sunday, June 04, 2006


We all know that Wanadoo, Ma ligne TV and Orange are now One unique brand :

It means one brand for Internet, TV and Mobile activities.

Obviously for my point of view it's caused by the growth of the mobile devices versus the pc growth. Basically in 2010 there will be almost 2 billions Mobile phones in world and 900 millions PC... So, for the long terms, it seems relevant to re-brand all activities to the mobile current brand : Orange.

But for the short term i think it's quite dangerous. The image of orange is pretty oriented on Mobile and we can't preduce that it will be quite bizarre for Wanadoo portal users at the beginning... And one additive things, why did they spent so much money to launch Wanadoo brand to rebrand it now ?

I'm quite happy cause the new portal is quite bad! Very difficult to read... To much content on the Home page... No big focus...No priotities...
It sounds good for Yahoo! ;)

The Online EU campaign is so borring... so i prefer to show you the little movie instead (wich is no so good too) :

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