Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Myspace VS the poor WAT and Friendset

Let's do a quick post on myspace progress in france in September 2006.

Myspace FR :
1 022 000 UV (1 month after the FR launch) and a 0$ marketing budget.

WAT (TF1) :
123 00 UV (2-3 months after the FR launch) and with big marketing budget.
The traffic is almost buy with campaign ads, sem...

Friendset (Superlol) :
not enought volume concerned in the panel to estimate correctly the audience...

Skyblog :
4 354 000 UV

This to answers to business guys that told me few months ago :

"Myspace isn't beautifull, it will never succed in FR"

"Myspace need to buy skyblog"
"Myspace has no chance in FR"

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