Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What's next?

Hi all,

I'm currently searching for a 5 months mission (January to May) in a Internet company as Google, Myspace, Yahoo! or smaller company as Intermix Media, Wikio...

My way is to work with passion on product & marketing management in or for business units (new products conception, business planning, performance marketing management...). This almost for free as i just need to finance some stuff for my current school year. Let me try!

To know what i've done before and what i'm trying to do, contact me (talongregory at yahoo.fr) or simply visit my website :

> www.gregorytalon.com (updated)

The update concerns :
- HP
- EXPERIENCE (Yahoo! added)
- CONTACT (new email address...)
- New resume uploaded

If you have any needs, comments, advices... Please go on!

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