Thursday, October 11, 2007

Myspace : Bad Move (switched back)

{EDIT: Due to lots of negative feedbacks, Myspace has switched back to the previous version.}

has done one thing pretty bad today.

They started to touch to user's profile.
Now users can see crap lines on their customized profile.
They spent like so much time to make it beautifully (or not), i think they won't appreciate this change. This is not myspace role to make profile beautifull. That's the rule they set with myspace experience...

I remember the Marketing director speech about myspace.
He said that the user profile was like the user bedroom.
So just think about it : Would you like your mum to change your bedroom deco?
Especially just for separation lines... It's useless!

They used to start to update the rest of the site (wich is good) and they improved quite well the user home page. I understand that myspace need to update the layout technically because they want to launch an application plateform just like Facebook. But If the users see this, it will be very annoying for them. Hope they will understand the error and switch back.

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