Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My master thesis on social networks

Last Friday, I've done the presentation of my thesis to HEC Paris and Telecom Paris.
It actually received very good feedbacks.

More than 2 years after my first business plan on social network (Called So ME), I've dedicated some time to a thesis dealing with the future of social networks. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to translate it in English yet. Anyway, this is called :

"L'avenir des réseaux sociaux :
vers le monopole d'un multi-spécialiste ou l'émergence de réseaux sociaux de niche"

First i came through all the past big steps of social networking sites and impacts on the Internet actors, introducing the next challenges. In a second part, I analysed the hypothesis of a monopoly driven by network effects and multi-specialisation. In a third part I focused on the potential rise of some niche social networks.

This thesis could address consulting needs of any actors seeing social networks as a potential activity creation, product development or financial investment opportunity.

I'm currently thinking about how to distribute it. Any advices?


virginie said...

Hi Gregory

My name is Virginie (French) and I am about to sit a Phd at the French Universiy Paris 13 focusing on the uses of the social network services.

I went through your blog and found out that you have done a Phd focusing on the social network services.

I've been living in London for 1 year and a half and have seen on your Linked in profile that you live as well in the UK.
Are you based in London?
If so, I would be pleased if we could meet each other and talk about the modalities of sitting a Phd (did you benefit from a CIFRE and got your diploma financed by a company?) and on the topic I would like to cover.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


Gregory Talon said...

Hi Virginie, go add me on facebook.
We'll discuss that.