Saturday, July 29, 2006

Difference between Viral Marketing & Buzz Marketing

Yes, it's totally different. More and more agencies are selling those words trough the same expertise... I'm not an expert but i try to know what i'm talking about. As i had this discussion this week with some Yahooz! of FR marketing team and as my binomial has written a very good article on his blog. Let me do mine!

Push a "viral" video on the web has nothing to deal with viral Marketing. More and more books considered buzz = viral... the danger is to miss benefiths of viral marketing if you are considering that it's "viral" to put a cool video on the web to promote a brand with low costs...

For me the 2 concepts are totally different and are not to use in the same way and objectives.

Buzz Marketing could be define by a launched message, transmitted trough people during a short period. It's what we call in french "bouche à oreille". The message is dying by himself after the short sucess of the buzz!

One good example is the campaign lanched by my first company DDB Paris to promote the site The print campaign's announce was that scnf is building a train line accross atlantic! People were quite surprised and some of them were trusting this message. So they started to discuss about that ad. But today few of them remember this... It's Buzz Marketing!

If you use it the trend will be like that. This graphic is extracted for Mr Godin's book...

The trend of the user acquisition if you use Viral Marketing is trully different! as the life cycle of viral products. The viral product doesn't die with the time, it expand as a virus. Each day the growth is faster than the previous day. This is exponential!

In viral marketing, the virus is the product! not the message like in the buzz. People needs other people to use the product and that's why it's exponential. Users are in charge of the product promotion so it doesn't cost anything. Look at, this site is recruiting 250 000 users a day with no online marketing budget and count 96 millions of users in 2 years!
The bands need their fans to growth on the network and the consumers need others consumers to gain popularity!

Myspace seems to be the best viral marketing example on the web.

Another example of viral service is the SMS, as i've said my dear carl, providers didn't predicted the success of this kind of services. During many years the growth of the service has been exponential as each user need other people to use it! It's Network effect!

Keep in mind the Metcalfe Loy is explaining that the more a Network has user the more it gain value. Carl said that this rule isn't limited to the networks and it's relevant for cultural products too! More you have users more the product gain value.

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J.R. said...

Nice post Greg.

And interesting too. ^_^

Well, i'm not as fond of marketing as you, but i aggreed with your separation of Buzz Marketing and Viral Marketing.

See you soon my friend. ;)

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