Saturday, July 29, 2006

Everything has a end...

Hi all, FR team, EU & US colleagues!

6 months ago i was declining MSN's internship offer to do my internship at Yahoo! (Cool i can say now that i don't regret ;) )
This, in order to get Performance Marketing experience at Yahoo!, to understand how this company is working and capitalize new web expertises.
I was supposed to help Ludovic, my first Y! Mentor on On-Network Marketing management. After the marketing reorganization i had the opportunity to challenge the ... Model deployment alone. The great Pascale became my new tutor, Gabriel and Gaelle started to work with me.

My closer colleagues were outside of France : Andreas (UK), Julia (DE), Susanne (UK), Sonia (UK), Rosie (UK) Chieu (UK), Salvatore (UK), Lawrence (UK), Eva (ES), Deana (US), KIM (US) INES (US) & COCO (US). I don't want to forget Helene my dear french Marketing intern colleague and all FR BU/Products managers as Altay, Shamir, Jeff, Marie-Jeanne, Pierre Do, Mathieu, Nicolas, Greg, "Bruno Bruno!", Olivier, St├ęphane... I had also the opportunity to help EU and FR communities products teams...

Special thanks to Raphael wich has done IIM school like me (remember it's the polytechnics of the Internet lol) for all his advices!

At Yahoo! i had the chance to challenge models and to reach objectives as a real employee, and that's what i was expecting.
I want to say THANK YOU ALL for your trust, your patience & learnings, it was a pleasure to work with both of you and i had a great international human experience.

Today i'm quite sad to leave the Yahoo! family but as i've to do one more master degree year at HEC, i still impressed to challenge new models in the future for others companies and maybe at Y! again.

Let's stay in touch, the web still a small world, specially in EU, we'll meet again!



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