Sunday, November 05, 2006

France 2007 : What i deeply want to see!

Ok, in few months frenchmen and frenchwomen are going to vote to set their new president. This article will not show my political point of view, i think it's not this blog's objective.
But what i deeply hope is a back to basics...

In the past, France sometimes inspired all the world politicaly (Separate of powers...) but today we don't respect even what we've created. We need to promote , encourage and pay sensitively the work, in addition to some of our realistic social advantages. Work can't be devided but needs to be multiplicated.

I hope we'll not see the extremists (I don't want SEO link between my name and his name) reach to have good ranking as in 2002 anymore. France can't be a shame's country. We need to anhilate all discriminations at work and in social contexts. Cause all citizens wich are qualified for a job should get it even if they're black and called with typical names.

One more things about Research & new technologies in france : Internet seems to be a gadget for french people... France must invest more and more on E-business to generate value on this main new technology. We can't spend our time to waste opportunity...

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