Wednesday, January 03, 2007

5 things you don't know about me.

This is the blogosphere buzz currently!
Following invitation of Vincent Thome on his blog I'll do it also...
Here they are 5 things you don't know about me.

. I was 18 when I found what I love, when my life created too much lacks of loved things.
I've some Portuguese origins, my mother was not allowed to study when she was young because she was the older child of a 5 children Portuguese family. My father is a self-made man with no graduation. They divorced when i was 7 years-old and i started to live with my mother. I wasn't so good at school, and i spent one year to find what i love at the Paris VI science university. My mother wanted me to become engineer (high level one as she said) and my father wanted me to work as soon as possible. After 6 months of boring general science courses... I decided to leave the faculty and i started to make websites, first for my music band called Elerium to promote our music, then for my video makers association linked with an artist’s online community in order to promote our contributors' talents... I was good for many things like music, design, video... but i didn't find myself excellent on anyone of those things. I feel more comfortable with finding solutions for others. I was 18 and i had the chance to find what i love very early: Making Internet products & services bringing solutions and value for people with conviction that they're many things to build on all subjects!

. I'm feared of my death so I'm running faster each day to make my life great.
I used to be attached to things that don't change every time. I don't know really why and when but I've changed : I think that the better way to make more each day is just to challenge this objective with a huge amount of can do attitude. Why should i let someone tell me what's possible or not for myself. All is possible if you have the passion to do it with a different approach! I think i can say "many thanks" to Carl Hallard, Arnaud Portanelli, Guillaume Le Dieu de Ville, Pascale Furbeyre and Claude Vogel who helped me to understand that point. I'm trying to go deeper each day.

. I don't support flat periods.
It's pretty hard to feel good for me when i didn't reach to make "huge" progress.
Fortunately I'm confident that I'll connect the dots soon each day of my life and most of the time, work paid!

. I always tried to have experiences in places I'm not supposed to like
Agencies & HEC are good examples and I've learn lot on myself there. :)

. Something I even don't know yet

Following the tradition i invite Carl, Alban, Julien & Pete to share 5 things we don't know about them.


Alban said...

Very interesting ! I share with you the fear of death and desire to overcome it while...alive :) And the many great inspirations you got...

I think that following the tradition, you should invite 5 friends, better than 3 :)

My post related to the 5 things you do not know about me is here :

Anonymous said...

Would you please have English lessons before you even write another post?
Don't you feel like it is very embarassing?
How do they accept people who can't even write at HEC?

Gregory Talon said...

I'll try harder ;)

Carlito said...

well you know anonimous, at least, Gregory knows how to write his name and don't fear it, I guess it's a pretty good start in writing (overcome his fear, don't you even know literature anonimous ?)