Friday, December 29, 2006

Myspace VS WAT Episode 3

First i need to notice, that results of NNR are strange this month and i can't find the previous months audience of myspace in NNR anymore. I don't really understand. Let's see if it's corrected in January for December results.

Just a little growth for Myspace France MoM in November.
I'll try to explain it in the case those figures are good.

Audience (November UV) :

. Myspace FR : 1, 224 Millions of UV (+20 000 UV MoM only)
(officially launched in middle of August 06)

. Yahoo! 360 : 158 000 UV (-49 000 UV MoM!!!)
(officially launched in middle of February 06 with no marketing budget
but integration on low Yahoo! portal)

. WAT : 205 000 UV (+ 9 000 UV only MoM)
(officially launched in middle of June 06 with huge marketing
> SEM, Banners campaigns...)

To try to understand i've added Skyblog :

. Skyblog : 4 827 000 UV (+ 145 000 UV only MoM)

Retention (October pages by user) :

. Myspace FR : 58 (+ 35 MoM)

. Yahoo! 360 : 7 (-2 MoM)

. WAT : 7 ( +2 MoM)

. Skyblog : 151

Myspace is growing very lower than previous months without any budget. Myspace didn't reach 1.5 millions of UU in November as i expected. Remember that NNR made a strange manipulation on Myspace entry (i can't recover previous months data). We can see that all sites except Skyblog have seen their growing reduced this month, Yahoo! 360 even lost 25% of his traffic in one month...

But note that the Retention is far higher than in October (+ 225%) even if most of the french users still in the Discovery phasis wich i think is sometimes during 3-4 months. I still confident with the fact that myspace will take the lead over Skyblog in 2007...

The WAT audience is mainly driven by Marketing ations (SEO, banners campaign...) as we can see that the retention still very low (7pages viewed by user). This product don't work, nobody wants it just as Yahoo! 360.

Bebo has no significant audience in the NNR panels (no french version launched yet).

Next Episode : RDV on 15 January for December datas!

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Episode 2 : October
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Vincent said...

Happy new year Greg!
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Gregory Talon said...

Great idea thanks!
I'll do it this week :)
Happy new year Vincent!