Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lens : Small is the new Big

Today I want to make a Lens on a very good book.
. As i've promised it to his autor.

. As Seth Godin is a real "friendly" blogger, answering students' questions very quickly.

. As one of his last book "Unleashing the idea virus" was the basis of many discussions between my binomial (Carl Hallard) and I, during 6 months of Business planning to create a Web 2.0 platforms editor (First platform launched was a intermediation platforms between the artists and the public, a myspace-like, we started in June 2005...)

The book i'm talking about is : Small is the New Big. Please find extracts in pdf of the books and feel free to comment it as i currently reading it too. More info

. The Intro : The intro.

. Small is the New Big : The title essay.

. How to catch a plane : Leave a little earlier...

. How does JetBlue sound? : It matters.

. What Good Marketers Know :
The classic checklist of what good marketers already know.

. The check is in the mail : 10 lies

. Do The Never : This is really short and really useful.

. Visualizing The Satin Pillow :
What does extreme customer service look like?

. Enthusiasts : What makes a fan?

. Verbs : Verbs! Actions! Gerunds!

I'll add my comments and understanding of those extract when it's relevant...

You can buy it there :

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