Sunday, November 12, 2006

Myspace more influential than Blogosphere?

Across discussions with others bloggers, sometime they find crazy the fact that some people considers Myspace as important as the Web. They can't support the fact that the web consists of Myspace + others for someone... I think it could be realistic for some segments like 16-25 years old cause Myspace is likely to be Youtube + Photobucket + dailymotion ... in a certain way.

Myspace aggregates numerous specialized services but also events (concerts, party...) and mainly people, specialized or not (artists, public...). Myspace is likely to be the place for everything online for young boys and girls... They spend hours on, they need to stay connected... That's another social life, but not a dissociate one as Real friends and Myspace ones are putted in the same place, sometimes a older friend becomes a Myspace friend only, and a Myspace friend becomes real friend... The difference between both is pretty reduced... That's one of the great success of Myspace!

Myspace is just beginning in France, (I'll publish audience results for October soon) but it's likely to become more influential and bigger than the blogosphere for sure within few months as it's now in the us. Whatever we talk about business or social impact. I'm pretty sure that's not a just a mode... You can't leave your myspace like your leave your blog. For young people, myspace is their online social visibility and they don't need be to Loic Le Meur to gain others' loyalty. Worst, it's like if you don't get myspace, you simply don't exist online...

It's very easy to stop blogging, cause the interactions with others are pretty limited in comparison to the work it needs to do a great blog. Myspace is totally different... For instance, i've never used blog on Myspace but if i stop to connect myself on, during a week, people ask why, they think i've got problems, some of them miss me...

It means there is a real link between life on myspace and real life.
You can increase your real life's fun, discovering new artists, new people, new places. It results you're having new life experiences.

I'm not saying that's not possible with a blog, i reach to meet new business partners, to discuss about business with others bloggers... I learn from that. But it's marginal as we're not 120 millions to do that with satisfaction on earth. Myspace is just piece of social life.

What about your point of view?

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Matthieu Delgrange said...

Hi Gregory, your post was very interesting.

It's funny to see how there are now two internet worlds: one based on MySpace, and the rest of the internet. When people start to use MySpace, they soon ignore the "classic" web. I guess the tool is so powerful and integrated that you don't need to go outside. On the other hand, this integration makes the tool quite closed. So, until you’re in, I think you don’t see and understand the point of MySpace.

As far as the two worlds are quite separated, influence is limited to the world covered.

I feel like a MySpace user is more influenced by the information received from the network, than a web user would be by a blog. Actually, the proximity created by MySpace leads in more confident on the information communicated. In the same time, a MySpace user cannot address as many people as a known blog easily. Finally, information shared on MySpace is less important for companies than on blogs: the most common topic is still music.