Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You Tube : The beginning of the End?

Ok as i allways see articles dealing with the legal issues and the monetization focus that impact fun on You Tube. Let's forget this.

You Tube / Google association is not Myspace owners friendly. You tube generates value on myspace yes, but now Myspace has set a you tube player like : The myspace video player.

In September, You tube was ahead of myspace with 44% of myspace profiles including You tube video versus 38% with the Myspace video player.

After the google's aquisition announce, Myspace decided to increase the push of myspace video. It is now promoted on Home Page and the player has been redesigned. Just over the following week end, this strategy increased the competition. The user can now make myspace video easy.

In october, You tube rank has already changed. You tube growth is slower than before. Now myspace is ahead with 47% (+99% in terms of volume MoM) versus 40% (+ 44% MoM) for You tube. Others players are sharing 12% of the Myspace network.

As a significant part of You Tube traffic is directly generated by Myspace users, is that the beginning of the end for You Tube?

Yes it can be, if Myspace team keeps improving the Myspace Video user experience.
But those datas could change sensitively MoM as Myspace users change their pages' content many times during the year and so innovation still a good lever.
You Tube already get most of the content, but myspace users prefers now to publish video with Myspace video. Myspace will never block You Tube on his network or it could be a strategic error...

For my part, i think You Tube have huge potential but i've allways said, Myspace one is far bigger! Myspace is the revolution of Web 2.0 even for You Tube!


Remy ( said...

Good overview Greg!

YouTube has also beneficed from a lower control of the posted video. It is one of this reason of his fast growing market share.

But today, with google on board, they must increase limitation and be careful of copyright laws.

This is also one of the reason of their slump.

google miss a trick there, the emergence of my space video will not help them for sure.

Gregory Talon said...

Thanks for the citation on your blog and your comment on mine. I've tried to do it also on your blog, but i had sql errors. I'm not sure, it's done well...